MEET THE Moments made bridal FAMILY

We have a built an incredible team full of talent and kindness. We are so excited to meet you but in the meantime here is a little about us.

General Manager - Liberty

While every team member is so important, Liberty is at the heart of all operations here at Moments Made Bridal. Not only is she the kindest, she truly cares for each and every bride. She is determined to make sure everyone gets everything they could imagine. As a team we couldn't be what we are without Libby!

Marketing Director - Kaitlyn

We are so grateful to have Kaitlyn as our Marketing Director! She is so creative and brilliant! All of our incredible posts, stories, tiktoks, reels, etc. are done by her. She is the star of knowing what styles are in and trendy. She lets everyone know about all the new things coming. Follow us to see all those updates!

Ecommerce Manager - Kamree

Kamree has an incredible knowledge of all our inventory. Not only is she the best listener, but she is very detail-oriented and becomes friends with everyone who enters our showroom. She will do her best to help you find that show-stopping dress every time, whether that's in-store or online!

Stylist - Alexa

Alexa is the most positive person ever! She can talk to anyone and make them feel so special! She got her dress here with us at Moments Made! She is beyond excited and cannot wait to help you find your dream dress!

Stylist - Amber

Most brides don't know what they want until they try it on, and Amber is the master of helping you find your style. She asks all the right questions and will make sure you are well informed so you can find the dress of your dreams!

Stylist - Ellen

With her positive attitude and go-getter personality, Ellen spreads joy everywhere she goes! She is a great team player and finds ways to support everywhere no matter the circumstance. We are lucky to have her on our team!

Stylist - Ellie

Ellie is our go-to fashionista! While always sporting the best outfits, she is so happy to work with every bride that comes in. Her enthusiasm and kindness is obvious to all who know her! Ellie can't wait to celebrate with you when you say 'YES' to the dress!

Stylist - Justice

We are so grateful for Justice! Her sweet personality and can-do mindset allows her to connect with anyone that walks through the door! She has a great sense of style, fun humor, and is eager to help you find THE dress!

Receptionist - Isabelle

Isabelle is so personable and always willing to help where its needed! She conquers any project with enthusiasm and is constantly going outside the box to find solutions to our everyday tasks. We are so happy to have Isabelle on our team!