About Us

Having spent part of her life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and part of her life not as a member, our founder, Nicole Thomas, knows exactly what every bride of every belief has in common. They want to feel their most beautiful. They want to smile. They want to feel joyful and heard and helped.
It’s why our shop family—the ultimate blended-beliefs family—works so well. We’ve all been in the ups and downs life has to offer, with all the twists and turns in our paths. But we all love to celebrate love. We love to listen. We love to offer solutions that make brides’ hearts smile.
With a beautiful mind and soul, paired with a passion for fashion, Nicole created a shop that embraces the challenging and fulfilling aspects of life. Choosing a wedding gown is, for many women, as stressful as it is wonderful. It’s the most important and exciting thing we’ll ever wear.

At Moments Made Bridal, we celebrate the journey that brought you where you are and made you who you are—and now, as you plan your biggest and brightest day, we’re here to help those personal dreams come true. Let’s create something that feels unapologetically you, in every stitch. Because you deserve nothing less.
We believe in beautiful.
We believe in authenticity.
We believe in celebrating every happy union.
We believe all you need is love
and all that matters are the
beautiful moments we make.
We believe that every bride has her own dream and her own style definition. We believe there’s a perfect solution to bring each unique dream to life. We know that women spend much of their lives contemplating their wedding and how they’ll dress to feel their absolute loveliest. And we savor the fun of being their trusted problem-solvers.
While our job is a joy, we know our role is a serious one. It takes listening. It takes expertise. It takes an understanding of just how many different tastes, modesty preferences, budgets, and styles there are out there— because there’s nothing more personal than a wedding dress.
Since every bride deserves her very own perfect, we offer multiple collections for different tastes and occasions. For those planning on a more conservative, religious, or blended-belief wedding party, we offer the world’s most extensive online collection of exquisite yet modest gowns. We’re also a go-to for brides whose tastes are more trendy, classic, elegant, chic, and everything in between. While our gowns are wide-ranging, our atmosphere and attitude are consistently warm and inclusive, both in our showroom and online.
Whichever collection our brides are shopping, we hear them, and we’re here to make their day—now and for years down the road as she has more occasions to celebrate throughout a life beautifully lived!