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You all know how much we adore featuring our real brides and grooms, so today we are stoked to be able to feature Corrine & Reed and their winter bridals & formals in Utah! 

Winter Bridals in Utah

Winter gets a bad rap in the wedding world. Everyone dreams of spring and summer weddings, or being the quintessential "June Bride." Visions of fragrant blossoms lining the aisle and dancing under the stars sometimes blind us to the fact that there are indeed other seasons to get married in...even, GASP, winter! I know, I know, winter in Utah is usually snowy and cold. But winter brides know something many of us sometimes forget...winter is gorgeous in it's very own way. And what is the color that comes to mind the most when we think of weddings? WHITE! So we submit to you that nothing goes together better than white weddings and a beautiful white winter. Corrine and Reed chose to embrace the beautiful landscape of the canyons of Utah for their winter bridals. We love that Corrine opted to include Reed in her bridal session to make it more of a "formals" or "black tie" session. We love the idea of having these gorgeous photos of the couple together to display at the wedding reception! 

The Dress: Fairchild

Corrine wore the Fairchild gown by LatterDayBride. This is one of our absolute favorite winter wedding gowns! This amazing long-sleeved wedding dress features a stunning scalloped neckline, a lovely satin waistband, and delicate pearl buttons cascading down the tulle train. The Fairchild is also fully customizable, from the neckline to the sleeve length and is available in Champagne/Ivory/Silver, Ivory/Ivory/Silver, White/White/Silver, and White/White giving you so many different options! We hope you have enjoyed these gorgeous winter bridals featuring our real bride Corrine in our Fairchild gown! We would love to help you find her perfect modest wedding dress. Visit us online to shop or schedule an in-store appointment!

Vendor Credits:

Photographer: Joce Johnson Photo + Video

Flowers: BYU Campus Floral

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