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Today on LDS Bride Blog we're featuring the cutest couple, Braiden and Paige, and their marriage in the Provo City Center Temple. Oh, and one of our dresses, too ;). Braiden and Paige were Married on July 7/7/17 in the Provo City Center Temple, and Paige was a dream in our "Palisade" gown. Here's their story!

Provo City Center Temple | Palisade Gown

Paige is from Park City, UT, and Braiden is from Los Angeles, CA. They met while they were counselors at EFY, but things really started at the EFY retreat after the working season was over. During the ropes course, Braiden said "take my picture!" and watched as Paige tripped and fell flat on her face while on her way over to him. They say it's the first time she really "fell" for him. Hehe.

The proposal was very elaborately planned out. A snow shoeing trip around the Alpine Loop (where they had their first date), a fire with hot chocolate, flowers set up for when they got there... but as soon as they drove up the Forest Service said it was all closed. BOO! Everything seemed to start going wrong. There was nowhere to stop and snowshoe, and Braiden's roommate who was helping set up kept popping up around them. First Paige saw him driving by, and when they did finally find a place to snowshoe in a field he just walked right across the field in front of them, trying to act nonchalant. A valiant effort, I'm sure ;). Then, on the other side of the field his cousin was stomping a place in the snow to try and start the fire. Braiden finally gave up and said "Whatever, I'm just gonna do this..." and knelt down and asked. They laugh just talking about it. Definitely a unique proposal story, though!

After they were married in the Provo City Center Temple, they had their reception in a nice little backyard setting at her parents' house complete with dancing, outdoor games, and even a fire pit for making smores! They wanted guests to be able to relax and have fun.

Her florist was none other than her own Mom! She has always been in floral design or worked at floral shops ever since she was married. She's even been in magazines! Paige was always around her mom working, and growing up seeing her do weddings and seeing her style helped her to figure out what her own style was. They were able to collaborate together to make the perfect florals for her wedding, with Paige being very hands on on her bouquet. Pretty neat!

As far as her dress, she had found a picture online of what she liked, and had made a few dress appointments for the day. She showed up to her first appointment with us at LatterDayBride, and we were able to find her something similar, the Palisade. It was the first thing she tried on and loved it- she tried on a few more but couldn't stop thinking about the first dress. She put the down payment on the dress right there and cancelled the rest of her appointments for the day! (Not to toot our own horn but... Toot toot!) ;)

Catering: Hruska's Kolaches
Florals: Inside out Design by Kristen Walton
Tux: Moss Bros (in London) Braiden served a mission in England, and Moss is a company he would frequent while there for his suits. He loved them and when it came time for a wedding suit he found them online again for a suit- and still buys from them today!
Photos: Clarity Lane
Couple: Paige and Braiden Green

Thanks for joining us today to adore this darling couple and to celebrate their marriage in the Provo City Center Temple! See you next time on LDS Bride Blog! XO

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