Memory Grove Park | Styled Shoot

Last week, we brought together a team of models, photographers and vendors to take part in a styled shoot. The shoot took place at the beautiful Memory Grove Park in Salt Lake City. With the help of all of the participants, we got some amazing photos. So naturally, we wanted to share!

In this post, we will be focusing on three photographers and their hard work throughout the shoot. 

1. Sadie Photo (Instagram: @sadie.photog)

Model: @sierranicolerose 

Dress: Janelle

Models: @sierranicolerose & @leoweffer

Dress: Janelle @latterdaybride

Flowers: @megkathleen_designs

Model: @nidhi_ahiir

Dress: Astyria @latterdaybride

Macarons and cookies: @seoulmacarons

Rings: @kt_jewelry


2. Natalie Rose Photography (Instagram

Models: @sierranicolerose & @leoweffer

Dress: Janelle @latterdaybride

Flower crown: @saltcitylittles

Tie: @tystiess

Model: @nidhi_ahiir

Dress: Astyria @latterdaybride


Macarons and cookies: @seoulmacarons

Invitations and flowers: @megkathleen_designs

Ring: @kt_jewelry


3. Pottle GZ LLC (Instagram:

Models: @nidhi_ahiir & @leoweffer

Dress: Astyria @latterdaybride

Hat: @gigipip

Flowers: @megkathleen_designs

Shoes: @taft

Models: @nidhi_ahiir & @sierranicolerose

Dresses: Janelle and Astyria @latterdaybride


Macarons and cookies: @seoulmacarons

-  -  -  -

All models hair and makeup done by @karlarifflemakeup.


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Comment your favorite look, background or shot below!


Written by: Alyssa Roundy

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