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One thing that you can count on when it comes to weddings is the tradition. While trends come and go, the classic design never goes out of style. Many bridal shops are keeping classic alive by making traditional dresses, ones that display straight lines and are made using simple satin fabric. Classic dresses let your natural beauty shine!  

Keeping Classic Alive

Gowns with Straight Lines

We’re keeping classic alive with gowns that present straight lines. If you choose a gown with this styling, you’ll be wearing a dress that shows off your curves. Dresses with a straight line design drape gracefully. The skirt may pool gently around your feet, displaying your natural style and elegance. A straight line gown will give you a glow in your wedding photos.

Keeping classic alive means wearing a gown with straight lines

Pretty Without the Lace

Dress designers are keeping classic alive by creating gowns without embellishments like lace. Embrace simplicity by wearing a dress that’s free of the extra ornamentation. This makes it easier to keep other things simple like your hair and makeup. Wedding gowns are pretty without the lace. You can also get one in a style that appeals to you, styles like dresses that are short and flirty or long and sophisticated.  

Keeping classic alive is wearing a dress without lace

Lighter With No Beading

Beading is a fine styling element, and especially so on a wedding dress. But, wearing one without it exudes a sense of confidence. The choice of a classic dress means that you are comfortable with who you are and the style it’s important to you to convey. A wedding dress without beading is lighter both in how heavy it feels on your body and the way that it looks. A wedding dress with no beading is a great way to keep classic alive.  

Keeping classic alive is wearing a dress with no beading

Simple Satin Fabric

A wedding dress made from simple satin fabric is about as classic as it gets. With something simple like this, you can choose one that fits your personality. Simple satin gowns come in all styles including A-line, long and sophisticated and mermaid. There’s no better way to put together a timeless wedding than to stick to styles that are classic and traditional. This is the time to let your true self shine!  Keeping classic alive means wearing something simple and satin

Keeping Classic Alive

We’re keeping classic alive with wedding gowns that honor tradition. Classic wedding gowns range from those that feature straight lines to dresses that are made from satin fabric. When you wear a classically-styled gown on your wedding day, it will be you who steals the show instead of your dress. Remember, no matter what style you choose for your wedding, it will be memorable simply because it's one of life’s most important days. Be sure to visit LatterDayBride for your classic wedding dress.

Keeping classic alive is wearing a memorable gown on your wedding day



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