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The weather is warming up, the flowers are starting to bloom, and people are starting to hit nurseries to stock up on all their favorite things to grow in their yards and flowerbeds. What better way to celebrate springtime than to feature a beautiful garden wedding?! Get ready to meet the cutest couple in the most beautiful indoor garden setting, complete with every detail carefully thought through by a fantastic group of vendors. 

Garden Wedding | Roslyn Gown

Where should we begin? How about the venue? J&J Nursey and Garden Center is Utah's largest producing nursery! They have over 100 acres of nursery and 37 years of experience! Not to mention it's GORGEOUS. Just look at this.How about this couple? Keat and Char are SOOO in love and you can tell. These first look shots are just too adorable for words. Also, they look like just about the happiest people ever. I'd totally hang out with them!

The hairpins are one of my favorite parts of this wedding. They are from an Etsy shop called Gems and Bones, and you have to check it out to believe all the amazing things the girl who runs it can do. Seriously. Go NOW.

Time to focus on the cake, flowers, and invitations.

The cake is covered in a simple, silky smooth, white buttercream with soft ruffles at the bottom of each tier. It's so beautiful and charming. I love that Marcia Hill, owner of Sweet Cravings, was able to create such a stunning cake without a bunch of unneeded bells and whistles. 

The flowers are just perfect. Shades of purple pop amongst the pinks and whites, with simple and light greenery. They go along with this garden wedding theme without blending in or clashing with the other flowers and greenery in the shoot. Meg, owner of The Flower Girl, really nailed it!

The invitations!!! They are a dream! Do the flowers on the invite not match the actual flowers here? It's unreal. The colors all marry perfectly and I absolutely love the gold script and envelope used. You can thank Katie Blakely for this invitation eye candy. I just love collaborations! They turn out so magical.I'm loving her hair, too. Elegant waves, half up to the side, intricate braiding, and flattering face framing tendrils. How did she do it?? Emily Scott of Elegance by Em is a hair wizard.Alright, we have to talk about this tie. Is it not the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Does it get any more perfect for a garden wedding than a floral tie? The answer is no. And this isn't floral like your grandmother's couch, it's a classy, attractive, beautiful floral. Check out The Daily Knot, they're the ones responsible for this thing of perfection.

Okay, twist my arm, I guess it's time to talk about this gorgeous gown, the Roslyn. The bodice is made of a delicate lace that meets soft, drapey (is that a word? It is now.), flowy tulle skirt. A satin ribbon separates bodice and skirt at the smallest part of your waist, making this gown as flattering as it is beautiful. Soft buttons trail along the back of the gown, tapering off a bit once the skirt begins. One of the other great things is that it's affordable! Under $760 bucks. Princess-like but also classic and understated, the Roslyn is a winner with many modest brides.Char's makeup is perfect. Nothing overpowering to mask her beauty, only light, glowy, natural touches to enhance her lovely features, perfect for a garden wedding. She looks absolutely radiant. A++ to Sarah of The Perfect Look!The beautiful styling and photography of this shoot is the work of the fabulous Rachelle Monae. She captured so many smiles, so much love, and so much fun. The lighting is perfect and she managed to make this couple look so glowing and warm. Gives me the warm fuzzies. She also captured every detail of the cake, flowers, hair, accessories, and darling features of this bride and groom. We're so thankful our dress was chosen to be a part of this shoot, thank you for joining us to ogle over this beautiful garden wedding. See you next time! XO 

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