Featured Wedding: Tiffany & Josh

From the wedding planner: I had the complete honor of planning this simple wedding for Tiffany and Josh. 

Featured Wedding Shoot 

Tiffany had a dream of being married in the temple, as she says in her video interview for The LDS Bachelorette, she did make it on the show and ended up finding her one true love through friends!
I want to take you through her engagement journey with Amanda Hendrickson Photography- the couple had their shoot on a rainy day, but that didn't dampen their mood a bit!
What I love about these images is you can tell that Amanda is letting them feel comfortable on camera. As the shoot progresses, you can see their reluctance and nerves drop and out pops this amazing and funny couple!
The couple wanted a really simple wedding and were on a tight budget but really wanted to invest in pictures that not only captured her dream of a temple marriage but also her love and adoration for Josh. Briar Bear Photography took the temple pictures, and I am swooning over her creative angles and crisp shooting. 
Tiffany loves the color purple and Native Flower Company did a fabulous job on her florals! It matched the theme of this whole wedding- simple and low key alongside pop and personality!
 Wedding Planner: Muyly Miller of Muyly Miller Co.
Engagement Photographer: Amanda Hendrickson Photography
Wedding Day Photographer: Megan Bingham of Briar Bear Photography
​Florals: Pam Olson of Native Flower Company 

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