Fall Wedding Bouquets

Fall is a season filled with color and texture, making it the perfect time for your wedding. While fall may not be the first season you think of for flowers, fall wedding bouquets are as diverse and colorful as they are during the spring and summer.

Fall Wedding Bouquets

Something Vibrant

We know that marrying the love of your life, wearing the pretty dress and seeing all of your friends and family in one place will make your wedding day memorable. A vibrant bouquet is also sure to add to the specialness of your big day. For a vibrant bouquet, choose flowers like dark red dahlias, yellow calla lilies and black-eyed Susans. Consider including bright green hydrangea blossoms for a little neutrality.

Something Bold

If you want your flowers to stand out, then go with a bold wedding bouquet. Bold flowers include orange roses, flame calla lilies and orange hypericum berries. These bold colors will look nice next to your dress. Along with being the perfect choice for your wedding bouquet, bold flowers are also fun for your wedding reception décor.

Something Natural

If you’re planning an outdoor fall wedding, then keep to your theme by going with something natural for your fall wedding bouquet. For a natural bouquet, select a blend of wildflowers, lilies, wallflowers and roses. Use blossoms in fall colors like yellow, orange and red. It’s also a good idea to add a touch of greenery and white for balance.

Something Monochromatic  

A monochromatic look is another fall bouquet option. This style creates a dramatic feel, making it the perfect choice for your big day. For something monochromatic, use blossoms like black magic roses and red dahlias. Along with being elegant, a monochromatic bouquet is timeless.

Something Purple

Purple is a great fall color. Not only are purple blooms eye-catching, but they are also available during the fall season. Fall wedding bouquets in purple feature flowers like dark burgundy calla lilies, deep red roses and bunches of hypericum berries. As with a vibrant bouquet, go ahead and include green hydrangeas. They add a nice contrast. 

Fall Wedding Bouquets are Something Wonderful

Getting married in the fall means that you can let the season guide many of your wedding-day decisions. This includes the décor that you use to decorate your reception, where you choose to have the event and of course, the flowers that you pick for your bouquet. Fall wedding bouquets are vibrant, bold, natural, monochromatic and even purple. Let us help you with your wedding-day flowers.

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