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Our lovely ballgown Wedding dress: The Arquette at LatterDayBride

As I get older, I have started to see more and more the things that last and the passing trends. The timeless versus the style d'jour. Especially in the wedding industry. I have watched photography styles come and go, watched film become dated to make room for digital, just to become cool again. But more than anything else, I have observed wedding styles. And nothing is more timeless than the ballgown wedding dress. Now, I may be a bit biased. I myself wore a ballgown-style dress way back in the day (ok, 13 years ago), and so when I see brides choose this romantic style for their own, well, let's just say I get a little nostalgic. 

Today we are featuring a shoot from the extremely talented Brooke Bakken. Brooke chose to use the 'Arquette' dress by LatterDayBride for this inspiration shoot, and it couldn't have turned out more romantic and timeless. 

When I asked Brooke what her inspiration behind this shoot was, she said, 

"This was purely just about shooting something for me. I wanted a couple that was engaged or married because they make the best models and you are able to feel the love and connection they have! Mary and Jacob were absolutely perfect! She is a budding photographer and knew exactly what I wanted her to do before I asked! They were so giddy with one another, yet comfortable in silence."

I just love this, because as a wedding photographer myself, I know how the artistry can neglected. The need to just create for ourselves is strong, so I love that Brooke did this for herself. And I love even more that she chose the 'Arquette' modest ballgown by LatterDayBride at Gateway Bridal in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Mary looks absolutely equisite in the 'Arquette', which features a deeply beaded bodice, slimming satin waistband, and an enchanting tulle skirt with buttons cascading down the train.

The vendors who made this gorgeous shoot possible are:

Florist: Love Blooms Florals

HMUA: KL Artistry

Photographer: Brooke Bakken Photography

Dress: LatterDayBride

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