Wedding Registry Tips

Tailoring Your Wedding Registry to Your Needs as a Couple

Your wedding is all about celebrating you as a couple and merging your separate lives into a shared life. Every couple is different, thus no two shared lives are the same. As you plan your wedding and the time comes to make your registry, don’t be afraid to add what you want and need for your unique journey throughout life.


Tailoring Your Registry

Fit Your Lifestyle

Just like every individual, every couple has specific traits that define them. This often depends a lot on the activities that you enjoy. For example, if neither of you particularly enjoy cooking there isn’t much of a need to register for a new mixer. Instead of adding items that will rarely (or never) be used, make sure to add items that you will find useful and love. If you consider yourselves outdoorsy, register for items you can use on camping trips.

Evaluate Your Needs

If you already have what may be thought of as traditional registry items like dinnerware, bedding or towels that you love, there is no need to add them. Sometimes having more of something isn’t ideal. Duplicates will cause clutter in your space and leave you with less storage for items you need. Don’t feel obligated to replace things you love or get another set.

Nothing’s Too Big or Small

When you do think of something you want to add, do not be afraid to include it because of the size and/or price of the item. Chances are, if the item is expensive your guests will form a group to purchase it. Also, most guests aren’t going to bring their gift to your wedding. Instead, they may bring it to your shower or send it to you before/after your big day, so don’t let size deter you. If you register for items that are particularly large, like a mattress, choose one that can be conveniently shipped directly to you.

Creating Your Registry that’s True to You as a Couple

Your registry is meant to serve as a guide to guests on what items will best help you start your life together as newlyweds. Making sure that your registry not only contains those items, but reflects you as a couple through the inclusion of things you will actually use helps your guests know that they are making a valuable contribution to your future.

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