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We have a unique and extra special wedding to share with you this time on LDS Bride Blog. Meet our stunning real bride Naumati! Naumati is a Polynesian beauty who was kind enough to share her LatterDayBride story with us. We've featured many beautiful weddings on LDS Bride Blog, but most have been in the United States which is why this one is, like I said, extra special. Join us as we share and admire this dreamy wedding in Samoa featuring our darling modest Grayson gown and our Linley bridesmaids dress!

Wedding in Samoa | Grayson Dress

I'm sure you guys have noticed our obsession with Moana (if you haven't seen it, you're missing out) as far as our Facebook and Instagram posts go. When we received the email from Naumati, it was like the stars all aligned and we got the perfect opportunity to do an entire blog featuring our very own Samoan princess! Needless to say, we were a little excited when we got the chance to feature a real wedding in Samoa! Naumati chose our Grayson gown, and she looks like an absolute dream in it. For her darling bridesmaids, she picked our Linley dress. As you can see, everything looked absolutely perfect in this amazing landscape. The greenery is just amazing! What we love the most about this whole thing is that Naumati and her husband are both so passionate about their heritage. She told us that the Islands mean so much to them both, and we love to see people be proud of where they came from. They were married in the Apia, Samoa temple, and it is stunning.

Our Grayson dress features a beautiful flattering mermaid silhouette, a creamy charmuse fabric, and an extended illusion train. It comes in ivory, white, or deco gold/ivory. We think Naumati made a pretty great choice!

 Our Linley dress is a really fun one. It could be a modest prom dress, or it can be an adorable bridesmaid dress! It comes in emerald and cerise (which is what you'll see in these photos) and it's so sparkly and fun with a ruched waistband and pleated skirt. Just so dang cute!

Alright, let's get to those pictures! We're so honored that one of our dresses was chosen to be featured in a wedding in Samoa. Enjoy!

We hope you loved this wedding in Samoa as much as we did! Thanks for stopping by!

Pictures courtesy of Jordan Kwan Photography

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