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We've all seen the movie, right? And we can all throw out several of the hilarious one-liners such as "Inconceivable!" and "I'm not a witch I'm your wife!". Of course, the reason we watch it is for Wesley and Buttercup and their love that even defies death. And the famous "As you wish."... swoon. You know what I'm talking about, right? The Princess Bride!!! A classic. If you haven't seen it, what are you even doing with your life?! Anyways, we have a real live princess bride to share with you today, her name is Talia and she's BEEEEAUTIFUL. 

Princess Bride | Cosette Ballgown

So, our very own princess bride. She's the real deal, people! She even had a fairytale themed wedding! And she chose the most perfect dress to bring it all to life. The Cosette ballgown is sooo flowy and romantic! The skirt is made of delicate tulle, and the sparkly beading on the bodice is absolutely exquisite. Basically... perfect for a princess!

Every detail on this beautiful bride was perfect. From her perfectly sideswept hairstyle adorned by a beautiful crown by Hilary Olsen to her soft romantic makeup by Harrett Johnston, she looked like she had walked right out of a fairytale storybook. I'm sure her handsome prince was in absolute awe when he saw her for the first time in her dress! Did I mention what makes her gorgeous bouquet so amazing? IT'S REUSABLE! Woah. Lisha Gliem knocked it out of the park and the rich reds among the softer hues are the perfect touch.

The ever so talented Josie Jones is the photographer behind these incredible pictures, capturing Talia's beauty so exquisitely. Scroll through these gems and revel in the perfection that is our princess bride! There's a special treat at the bottom... I'll give you a hint: LAVENDER FIELDS. Okay so that wasn't a hint but whatever. It's gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by to check out this amazing shoot, we'll see you next time! XO

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