Winter Wedding Wardrobe | Top 6 Winter Wedding Dresses

Written by Alyssa Roundy Phillips

A new season is upon us! I'm sure you can feel the mornings getting colder and the days getting shorter. Even though we are closing the door on one season, we are excited to transition into the next one! As you pull the big coats and sweaters out of your closet, we will be getting ready for the season with long sleeves and ! We are here for winter weddings and we're gonna show you why you should be too! Here's a couple dress suggestions to show you why this season gets us so heated!


The Markella

When you find the perfect pair of gloves, they aren't too big for you fingers, but don't squeeze the circulation out of them either. Plus, they keep your hands warm. If you turned a pair of gloves into a wedding dress, it would be the Markella. The stretch in the material mixed with the fitted silhouette makes this dress just as comfortable as it is flattering. The simplicity of the plain gown makes it versatile enough to fit with any colors, theme or decoration imaginable. Most important, the sleeves; having long sleeves on this dress makes it the true winter staple. With the Markella, you can move freely, look gorgeous and stay warm all at the same time. Who could resist? We certainly can't!


The Lindir

The Lindir is one of the most underrated dresses in our whole store. It doesn't look like much at first glance, but when it fits well it can be everything you've ever wanted in a wedding dress. The thing that makes this dress scream "WINTER" is that the color of the dress is true white, compared to most dresses that are ivory (or slightly off-white). The lace is also fun because it is made of a shimmering thread that appears almost silver. It adds a fun shine without the hassle of any beads or sequins. Although they aren't lined all the way with fabric, the sleeves are a unique shape and complete the look that brides often go for during the chilly weather.


The Jamison

If you are a ballgown girl and your wedding is in the winter, the Jamison is the dress for you. This is the only ballgown (and maybe the only dress) in our shop that has glitter in it. The glitter mimics the sparkle of the snow which elevates any winter wedding to the next level. This dress also comes in two different colors - ivory and champagne - which leaves options for different skin tones and personal preferences. The layers that create the ballgown look will also keep you nice and warm through your winter wedding day. 


The Marisol

Let me just lead with the exciting fact that the Marisol has pockets. Yes, POCKETS. Need I say more? Ok, well besides pockets, this dress has a really gorgeous lace bodice with a high neck and long sleeves. The cutest detail (besides the pockets) is that there are little pearl buttons that go all the way down the ack and train of this dress. It really covers the most, making it ideal for the winter chill that rolls through each year. 


The Naomi

One word: LACE. While not always obvious in pictures, the lace in this dress is made up of blue and tan thread that creates the most gorgeous detail. The different colored thread creates a nice contrast to the ivory lining which helps the lace pop! The structure and shape of the bodice creates an extremely flattering emphasis at the waist which is an absolute must in any A-line gown. And of course, the long sleeves, which are always appreciated during the winter. With the colored lace and lightweight feel of this dress, it is perfect for any winter wedding with rustic or boho vibes. 


The Charlize

If you see this dress on the hanger, please put it on! It has little to no hanger appeal due to the nude lining on the bodice, but once it is actually on a body, it transforms. The Charlize has a shimmering lace, much like the Lindir. Although this dress doesn't have long sleeves, it would look amazing with a fur jacket or some kind of cape over the top. The dress is on the simple, elegant side of wedding dresses, but can easily be accessorized and styled to fit many types of brides and weddings.


Just because the weather is getting cold, doesn't mean you can't look hot on your big day! Come in to LatterDayBride to see what we have to offer for YOUR winter wedding.


The Markella

Bride: @chinkymarbles

Groom: @tvaarii

Photographer: @michael.cozzens & @brynleepaige_

Hair: Wild Ivy Blow Dry Bar


The Lindir


Florals: @lennoxflora

Makeup Artist: @mph_makeup


The Jamison

Bride: @trinity.j.curtis

Groom: @colecurtis16

Photographer: @ashlynscott_photographer

Hair and Makeup Artist: @mallorie_kay


The Marisol

Bride: @brandiecamp03

Photographer: @kendrabirdphotography

Florals: @florajeanflowers

Hair: @hairbyemilymerlene


The Naomi

Bride: @_xomads

Photographer: @shauniesullivan

Bouquet: @limitlessdecor

Makeup Artist: @alliemariehymas


The Charlize

Bride: @kirsten_lewis_

Groom: @tdawglewis

Photographer: @haleylynnphoto

Florals: @embraceeventsco

Hair and Makeup Artist: @splashofcolorbykatiemae

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