Where to Find a Modest Prom Dress?

Modest prom dresses are out there if you know where to look. Available in the latest colors and styles, modest prom dresses are pretty and affordable. These dresses are long and elegant or perfectly short and flirty. So, where can you find a modest prom dress? We have amazing ones at LatterDayBride.

Where to Find a Modest Prom Dress? 

The Rue

With its form-fitting red bodice and flowing white skirt, the Rue is bound to turn heads. Sweet little flowers cover the lower section of the skirt while its floor-length design will make you feel elegant. The top of the Rue is separate from the skirt, so you can show a bit of skin if you want to, but it won’t show more than you would reveal wearing a tankini. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can easily tack or sew the two pieces together. The Rue is perfect for prom.

The Rue Prom Dress

Ramona Red

The Ramona Red modest prom dress is eye-catching with its bright ruby red coloring and added bling. Fitted with a separation between the bodice and the skirt, the Ramona Red prom dress is as in style as it gets. If exposing your midriff is out of your comfort zone, then it’s easy to tack or sew the two together. The shiny embellishments added to the dress will ensure that you’ll stand out.

Ramona Red Prom Dress

The Saylor

It’s all about flowers this year. If you want to be a part of the trend, then head over to LatterDayBride to look at the Saylor. Available in dark blue with the bottom section of the skirt in purple, you’re sure to float around the dance floor while wearing it. The flowers added to the lower part of the skirt make this fancy prom dress even prettier. Modest and stylish, the Saylor is a prom dress that is flattering and noticeable.

The Saylor Prom Dress

Cora Royal

Brilliantly blue with the right touch of simplicity, the Cora Royal is perfect if you prefer to be quietly elegant. With a fitted bodice and an attention-grabbing silver strip highlighting your waist, this pretty blue dress is bound to give you confidence. The skirt is lovely and flowy, and to give it a little extra fluff, it is made from tulle. To add an extra element of design, the skirt features a soft dotted pattern.

Cora Royal Prom Dress

Bethie Pink

Pretty in Pink, the Bethie dress features the little details that make a prom dress special. These details include a fancy lace bodice and a floor length skirt made from chiffon. Feminine and flirty, you can’t not feel pretty in this perfectly pink prom dress.

Bethie Pink Prom Dress

Where to Find a Modest Prom Dress?

Where to find a modest prom dress? You’ll find lots of modern styles at LatterDayBride. Modest styles are trendy, fancy and sure to make you feel pretty. Come see what we have in stock. Stop by LatterDayBride today.  


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