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With summer in the rear-view mirror, many couples are looking forward to planning a fall wedding. There are countless benefits that are exclusive to the fall season. From harvest décor exhibiting a rich color palette to crisp, and invigorating weather. Fall weddings can be breathtakingly beautiful and romantic. 

How to plan an Amazing Fall Wedding

Fall Inspired Centerpieces

A fall wedding means that you get to use the season’s elements to inspire your centerpieces. Consider making them from natural foliage like fallen pinecones, gourds and small pumpkins. Not only do these décor pieces display the beauty of the season, but they are also inexpensive. Use darker colored tablecloths like brown or black. This will allow the centerpieces to stand out. For a bit of color, add pomegranates, cranberries or oranges. Flickering candles featuring a seasonal scent like pumpkin spice or apple will complete them.  

Have an Outdoor Wedding

While it may be a little chilly, an outdoor wedding comes with the benefit of fall foliage being present, making your photos especially pretty. If it’s a little too cold, then have a basket of blankets and shawls available. Or, you can set up outdoor tents with warming lamps and fire bowls. That way, you can still take pictures outside among the trees, but there will be someplace warm for you and your guests to mingle and eat.

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Warm Apparel

A fall wedding gives the bride the chance to wear a pretty lace shawl or a stylish overcoat in addition to cute boots. The groom may want to wear a classy wool suit jacket to look nice and stay warm. Planning a fall wedding means that your guests will also have the opportunity to show off their cold weather apparel.

Fall Wedding Food and Treats

Let fall’s inspiration touch more than just your clothes and décor, use it to plan your wedding cuisine. Serve a pumpkin or squash soup along with slow-roasted meats. Instead of punch, offer spiced cider or hot chocolate. In fact, this is the perfect occasion for gourmet hot chocolate in different flavors. We know that today, it’s pumpkin spice everything, but pumpkin spice hot chocolate is an especially tasty treat. An apple, pear or peach cobbler would also be a yummy addition to your fall wedding food.

Starting Your Lives Together by Planning a Fall Wedding

Start your lives together by planning a fall wedding. A fall wedding means that you can use many of the wonderful things from this season—things like vibrant colors, elegant décor and a touch of whimsy. Your fall wedding can’t help but be an exceptional event.

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