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Bride in a rose modest mermaid wedding dress at the Salt Lake TempleWe are a little bit giddy about this real wedding we have on the blog today. Andreanna's totally unique rose modest mermaid wedding dress is simply stunning and we may be a bit obsessed with the photos too. Bridal photos with a modest wedding dress in a mermaid silhouette

The Love Story

By Andreanna
"We met a year ago on May 1st (2015), at the airport. We were both there to welcome my cousin home from her mission (he and his family are family friends of my cousin's family). Me and my mom walked in and he was the first thing I saw, I swear he was radiating light and happiness, it's those dang dimples of his. But that was kind of the extent for me, I had always been a tad bit adverse to dating, and boys, and everything. From his perspective though, he saw me walk in and was standing next to his dad and immediately said, "oh my gosh dad, she is beautiful." Which is very sweet of him because I looked quite rough that day. He was also recording the whole event on his iPad, and when you look back at the recording it keeps coming back to me throughout the whole thing. 
Salt Lake Temple wedding in winter
 He wanted to come ask me out on a date but took to long and I left, so he got my number from my aunt and texted me. I left 3 days later for a study abroad to Italy however, so not much happened. I did message him through Facebook while I was oversees when i rarely had access to WiFi, and this came off as me blowing him off. Luckily he didn't give up though. When I returned though he was doing summer sales in Ohio, but I finally had my phone back so we started texting all the time, calling and face timing each other every day. We fell in love over the phone. We even said I love you to each other for the first time over the phone. I had major back surgery last August and he came home 4 days after that. We said I love you the night before I went into surgery. When he finally came home, it was to me completely demobilized on a bed in the middle of my living room. He barely left my side for two weeks. He immediately began helping me with everything. I had to be walked every 2 hours but couldn't barely move on my own. He got me up, walked me, helped me lay back down, and tucked me in every night before he left. After those first 2 weeks we knew without a doubt we were meant for each other. He proposed a month later in September and we had a beautiful, though freezing, December wedding. I fall more in love with him every day, and those dimples and green eyes get me every time I look at him." 
LDS Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple in December
 Andreanna's dress was designed and handmade by Kristi Lambson, with the lace on the bodice designed by Andreanna herself! We love it when brides get creative and really create something special, and this modest mermaid wedding dress is something she can treasure forever! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous wedding with us Andreanna and Ty!

The Bridals

Fall bridal portraits with a mermaid modest wedding dress
Bride in a rose colored modest wedding dress with a mermaid silhouette
LDS bride in a pink modest wedding dressBride in a modest wedding dress with her momLace modest wedding dress in pink blush with a fur wrapMormon bride in a modest pink wedding dress with a mermaid silhouettePhoto credit for Bridal Shoot to Meghan Bird Mulvey

The Bride&Groom

Bridals at the Salt Flats with a modest mermaid wedding gown
Groomals at the Salt Flats with a pink modest wedding dress

The Wedding Day

Salt Lake Temple winter wedding
Groom with Bride in a modest mermaid wedding dress at the Salt Lake Temple
Modest bride and groom first dance
Photo credit for Wedding Day and The Bride&Groom to Giselle Mcshinsky
Makeup to Mckenzie Baker (and Hair for Bridal Shoot)
Hair on Wedding Day to Suzy Baker

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