Five Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for LDS Couples

Five Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for LDS Couples  

Getting married is an expensive endeavor, one that may not leave enough funds for a lavish honeymoon. Fortunately, this is one of those things that you can do on a budget. Here are five affordable honeymoon destinations for LDS couples.

Lake Tahoe

The nice thing about Lake Tahoe is that it’s a great year-round travel spot. If you go in the winter, you’ll be able to participate in activities like skiing and snowboarding while the spring and summer months offer biking and water sports. If you make Tahoe your honeymoon destination, you can stay in an excluded cabin to be alone with your sweetie or in a resort if you prefer to mix it up with other travelers.  


Moab is like an outdoor theme park with its abundance of hiking destinations and picturesque landscapes. While chain restaurants are available in Moab, the two of you should consider eating at some of the town’s local eateries, places like the Moab Burger Company or Fiesta Mexicana. Along with amazing hiking trails, Moab is a place where you can celebrate your marriage by taking a scenic flight or a horseback ride.

Huntington Beach

Affordable flights are often available to Huntington Beach, CA. Consider staying in one of the resorts located across the street from the beach. While these resorts cost a little more, they offer the convenience of being able to walk to the beach. Also, several provide beach equipment like lounge chairs, umbrellas and towels, making it easy to spend the entire day relaxing next to the ocean. You can eat at Ruby’s Diner on the pier or in one of the restaurants within your resort. If you decide to fly in and rent a car, drive down to Newport Beach or Seal Beach. Both feature quaint little shops that are fun to walk through.

Park City

While Park City has a reputation for being on the exclusive side, you can enjoy an affordable honeymoon there. You’ll spend less if you have your honeymoon during the summer than you will in the winter, but it is affordable year-round. When you’re ready to go out for a tour, head to Park City’s downtown area to wander through art galleries and charming shops. This part of town also features fun places to eat. You can get tasty Mexican cuisine at the Blue Iguana or traditional American fare at 501 on Main.

St. George

When it comes to affordable honeymoons, St. George is another inexpensive option, one that offers golfing, spas and outdoor adventures. You can stay at a resort, bed and breakfast or even an antique home if you want to stretch out. Restaurants in St George run the gamut from popular chains to quirky local dining establishments. There’s also plenty of shopping available.

Affordable Honeymoons

If your honeymoon budget is tight, don’t let it concern you. There are plenty of places to spend this time together without breaking the bank. The important thing is to enjoy it and celebrate choosing each other.

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