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Cute Ideas for Spring Engagement Photos 

If you’re lucky enough to be engaged in the spring, then there are plenty of ways to embrace the season when taking your engagement photos. From including nature to adding elements that show off your personality, here are a few cute ideas for spring engagement photos.

Take Advantage of the Blossoms

Kissing beneath a canopy of blooming cherry blossoms will create the perfect engagement picture. To keep with the nature theme, consider walking hand-in-hand through a field of wildflowers or stroll among a forest of fir trees while your favorite photographer does his or her thing to get the best shot. The nature theme can even be extended to your person. The bride may think about wearing an accent piece like a flower headband while the groom can don a velvet floral shirt.

Look how a few brides took advantage of the spring blossoms in Utah!

First up, this adorable couple found some gorgeous blossoms up at the Utah State Capitol with help from their photographer Ciara Spring Photography!

The Utah State Capitol is a popular place for the few weeks the gorgeous pink blossoms are in bloom! Fawn Grove Photography took her snappily dressed couple up as well to capture these beautiful spring engagement photos!

Add Your Furry Friends to Your Photos

 If you and your betrothed are already parents to fur babies, then include them in your pictures to take cute spring engagement photos. Animals add a sweet quality to these pictures, one that’s sure to result in photos that you’ll enjoy looking at year after year. 

Take it to the Streets

 Living in the city has its perks. When it comes to spring engagement photos, these perks consist of stunning stone steps, glorious pillars and charming benches. Add a spring touch with your wardrobe. Wear hues like bright blues, lovely pinks and sunny yellows.

Bring in Some Props

 When posed properly, bicycles can be enchanting. It may also be fun to take your engagement photos inside a flea market with antique furniture and quirky things for sale. Old cars continue to be a good prop choice. They provide a little something special to the photo without detracting from you and your fiancé.

Go Somewhere Special

 Use the location of your first date to take cute spring engagement photos. If your first date was at a fair or a carnival, then consider taking your engagement photos at one to recall this memory. If you went to a movie for your first date, then head to your local theater for a few engagement shots. Coffee shops can be a charming place for these photos as can your favorite restaurant or sports venue.  

Or, take it out to nature, like Jaden & McKenna who went up in the mountains to embrace springtime with their photographer Maddie Morris Photography!

Keeping with Tradition

 When it comes to weddings, most people like to embrace a tradition or two and taking engagement photos is one way to do this. Cute spring engagement photos also let you remember the two of you before you became a married couple. We can just imagine this cute couple Brittany and Blake looking at these fabulous spring engagement photos 50 years from now...their photographer Julia Mather Photography did an amazing job!

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