Beautiful and Comfortable LDS Temple Dresses

LDS temple dresses should be beautiful and comfortable. While temple dresses are not customized to your exact measurements, they are available in a variety of sizes to give you a comfortable fit. Keep in mind that you may need to have yours altered if you prefer a perfect fit. We have new styles available, so take a peek at our site to see what we’ve added.

Beautiful and Comfortable LDS Temple Dresses

San Diego

With its relaxed fit and empire waistline, our San Diego temple dress is pretty and easy to wear. The skirt drapes loosely from the waistline, giving you plenty of room to move. It has a round neckline and sleeves that fit lightly around the wrists. This temple dress features a classic style, one that you’ll enjoy wearing for years.


A unique sweater-inspired pattern makes this LDS temple dress special. The dress’s rounded neckline is becoming while its loose-fitting sleeves make movement easy. Sizes range from extra small to four extra-large. The Saratoga is one of our more ornate LDS temple dresses, so if you prefer to wear apparel pieces that are on the intricate side, this may be the dress for you.


With its charming bodice and fitted sleeves, the Rome is one of our new temple dresses designed to make you look elegant. It has a wide waistband and pleats that flow down the length of the bodice. The dress also has pleats below the waistband, and these allow the skirt to flow gracefully to the floor. Because the neckline is round, it is likely to flatter the wearer.

Affordable and Elegant

Our LDS temple dresses come in different styles, allowing you to choose one that complements your personality. We have a number of dresses that are 10% off or more. Check out our collection and see which ones are available at a discount. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our new LDS temple dress selections!  Happy dress shopping!

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