Accessorizing a Modest Wedding Dress: Sashes, Cover-Ups, Crowns

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the key accessories to consider alongside your modest wedding dress as a bride-to-be. Accessories like shoes, veils and others play a huge role in filling out the entire look of the dress, and knowing what to look for with regard to your modest dress is very helpful. 

At Moments Made Bridal, we offer a huge selection of bridal accessories in addition to our range of modest wedding dresses, and we're happy to assist any bride with her needs in this area. Today's part two of our series will look at some additional accessories to be thinking about for any modest wedding dress you've chosen (or are thinking about).


Belts or Sashes

While some don't necessarily think that a belt or sash is a must-have with any modest wedding dress, they can be used to add structure and definition to an otherwise plain dress. The right belt can help create curves while also adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall look.

Belts are often offered in metallic shades such as gold or silver, but many brides love the look of a belt that features crystals or rhinestones. This can be used to enhance any wedding dress and add glamor to your overall look.

When selecting a belt, think about a few elements. First, your hip and waist size – this will help determine the size of the belt you'll need. Second, consider the colors and textures that match your dress – some brides like to incorporate neutral colors while others prefer adding a vibrant shade to catch the eye. No matter what you go with, adding a belt or sash can really complete your modest wedding dress look.


Especially if you know your wedding will be in a location where it's cold, such as an outdoor mountain wedding, you'll want to consider a cover-up such as a cape, shrug or jacket that can be worn over your modest wedding dress. Not only will it add warmth, but it can also give the entire look more texture and dimension.

A nice touch is to choose something with an interesting silhouette or cut – for example a hooded cape or off-the-shoulder shrug. There are many options available in various fabrics, colors and sizes that can help keep you warm while also accentuating the dress for a truly eye-catching look.

Also think about the color of the cover-up – some brides prefer a cloth that matches their dress for an elegant, coordinated look. Others might choose something in a bolder color or texture to give it an extra pop and draw attention to the overall outfit. No matter what type of cover-up you choose, be sure to try it on with your dress to get the full effect.

Crowns and Hair Pins

Another type of accessory to consider for your modest wedding dress is a crown or hair pins. This can be a great way to add an effortless elegance to the look of your dress, and there are many options available from which you can choose.

Hair pins in particular come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors and can be used to create intricate looks with your hair. You can choose pins that are jeweled, detailed or even made of a delicate fabric – whatever matches your overall aesthetic and wedding theme.

Crowns come in various designs as well, from delicate gold filigree to more intricate vintage-style pieces. Select a crown that speaks to you and adds to the look you're going for, and also consider any hair accessories like veils or tiaras that can help create the perfect ensemble.


Finally, don't forget the garter! This modest wedding dress accessory was once used to signify a bride's purity, and today is more of a tradition for brides. Garters can be found in many styles that match any wedding theme or aesthetic – from simple bands to ones embellished with lace and pearls.

When looking for the perfect garter, think about the colors and textures that match your dress, as well as any details that you'd like to include. Whether it's a bit of sparkle or something more subtle and delicate, the garter will add an extra touch of femininity and charm to your overall look.

There are many different accessories to consider when looking for a modest wedding dress, and with some careful consideration you can create the perfect look. From belts to cover-ups to crowns and garters, these small details can make all the difference in taking your bridal ensemble from beautiful to unforgettable.

For more here, or for help with selecting accessories or a beautiful modest wedding dress, speak to our team at Moments Made Bridal today!

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