When to Start Shopping for Your Bridal Gown

For many brides-to-be, one of the single most exciting parts of the entire wedding preparation process is dress shopping. Many brides can't wait to get started here - when can and should you begin this process, and what should you be thinking about as you move forward with it? 

At Moments Made Bridal, we're here to offer the very best selection of modest wedding dresses you'll find in Utah, helping clients find their ideal wedding attire on any timeline. Here are some basics on what to be thinking about when it comes to wedding dress shopping timelines and approaches.

Every Situation is Different

Before we dig into some specifics, it's important to note that every situation is different. You may be planning a wedding in the next few months, or you might have an entire year to plan - either way is perfectly acceptable and achievable! The approach you take should depend on your individual timeline and needs.

Things to Finalize Before Dress Shopping

While there again may be elements in here that vary based on your individual circumstances, here are some other wedding details that we often recommend finalizing (or at least having a solid idea of) before you get into the meat of dress shopping:

  • Wedding date: You'll want to make sure this is nailed down first, as it will help inform the other details you're deciding on.
  • Budget: You should also have a realistic budget in mind before you begin looking at dresses - of course, we'll do our best to work with any budget here at Moments Made Bridal.
  • Location: Where will you be getting married? Will the location impact your choice of dress in any way? Many brides will base at least some of their dress selection on the particular venue they are planning to wed at.
  • Theme: If you have any particular themes or ideas in mind (rustic, vintage, etc.), this can also help inform your dress search.

Once you've got these basics nailed down, it's time to start the exciting part - actually searching for your perfect dress!

How Long Until the Wedding?

Once you're comfortable with the areas we went over above, it's time to decide when you should begin the process of shopping for a dress. This timeline can vary quite a bit, but generally speaking, here are some rules of thumb:

For weddings three months or less away, we recommend beginning your dress search as soon as possible. You'll want to allow enough time for potential alteration needs and ensure that your dress will arrive on time.

For weddings four to six months away, you can wait a few weeks before starting your search - but don't leave it too long! We suggest beginning the process within two months of the wedding date. And many in these settings will begin with some advanced planning, such as booking their in-store appointments and/or online shopping prior to this two-month mark.

For weddings seven months or more away, you can take a bit longer to get the ball rolling here - you may want to wait up to four months before beginning your dress search.

Consider Undergarments and Accessories

Naturally, as you're involved in this search and selection process, you'll also want to be thinking about the accessories that complement your dress. This may include undergarments, jewelry pieces, shoes, a veil or hairpiece - all of these details can really pull together the you're aiming for on your day.

At Moments Made Bridal, we carry a wide variety of accessories and undergarments that are designed to perfectly match with the dress you select. Our experienced bridal consultants will be more than happy to help guide you through this process, making sure everything is just right for your special occasion.

Hair and Makeup

While it's natural to think of hair and makeup themes as those that should only be considered closer to the date, this isn't necessarily always true. Your hairstyle will often be part of the overall look that involves your dress, for instance - so it's usually best to begin considering these elements around the same time you're looking for your dress.

For a more stress-free experience, many brides choose to designate at least a small portion of their budget specifically for hair and makeup services. This will ensure that everything is taken care of on time and with professionals who have plenty of experience in the field.

Finally, it's important to remember that with any dress shopping process - whether you're here at Moments Made Bridal or elsewhere - moments of doubt are natural. And while they may creep in from time to time, we want to remind you just how amazing and beautiful you will look on your wedding day.

With that in mind, the team here at Moments Made Bridal wishes you the very best of luck on your dress shopping journey! We are confident that with a bit of planning and some guidance from our experienced bridal consultants, you'll be able to find the perfect dress for your special day. Contact us today to get started!

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