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All the wedding day worries culminate in the big day, from your 5 am alarm clock to get to the hair-dresser, to throwing the bouquet at the reception. It’s a busy day and likely one of the most nerve-wracking you’ll ever experience as the bride. There’s a martial arts idiom that says you can’t pour from an empty cup, and a stressed our bride ends up being just as empty as can be! So how do you do it? How do you keep up your energy and enjoy (let alone survive) your wedding day? Here are some tips to taking care of yourself so that you can have a fabulous wedding day.

 Bridal Care

Photography courtesy of Logan Walker Photography.

Eating: The jitters and butterflies may have your appetite at an all-time low, but don’t let that keep you from eating throughout the day. This is your number one source of energy, and you’ll certainly need it! Have a balanced breakfast, hopefully with whole grains and fruit ready to go to get the boost you need for the day! Throughout the day, commission someone to get you food and snacks and your own reception goodies. You may forget about it, so having a nutritious bite presented to you every so often could be just what you need!

Rest: If you run from your hair-do to the ceremony to the luncheon to the reception, you’ll likely suffer a collapse at the end of the night. Make sure you at least have some zen time away from the chaos to rest and reflect. There’s so much to absorb and you’ll need every ounce of energy to make it through to the end of the day. 

Photo courtesy of Jessie Alexis Photography.

Relief from the heels: As minute at it may seem, find time to take off your shoes and let your piggies breath a bit. Take them off in between your various events and perhaps slip them off under your dress while you stand in the receiving line. A full day in those toe-pinchers will have you limping for days! Consider bringing an extra pair of flats for dancing at your reception!

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