Utah Wedding Photographer - Jacquie Erickson

Utah Wedding Vendor Feature - Jacquie Erickson Photography 
LatterDayBride loves working with so many talented photographers! We love seeing the creative photos photographers create with our gowns. Recently we collaborated with Jacquie Erickson Photography on a Fall Inspired Styled Shoot with our gown The Holden, and it turned out beautifully! We loved working with Jacquie and would recommend her to any of our brides. Jacquie genuinely cares about her couples. You can see that love shine through in her photos. She loves seeing their excitement to get married, and she loves being able to showcase their love and capture memories of how happy their engagement and wedding really was. 
Utah Wedding Photographer
We asked Jacquie why she started her company and here’s what she told us. “When I was suffering with postpartum depression, I took photos to prove to myself there was joy in my life. I soon realized that there comes a day in everyone’s lives where we wonder if we are really living our dreams or if there’s still happiness there. I started taking pictures for others so they could have proof that they’re living the life they’ve always imagined.”
Jacquie also told us that she loves her clients spunk, excitement, and their love for each other. It lifts her up and makes her go home to be a better wife and mother. 
Her biggest advice for brides is, “Keep what matters most at the forefront. The wedding is just a day (a super fun and exciting day!) but the marriage is what is going to last. Make sure amidst all the planning and prepping, you’re cultivating the marriage you really want to have.”
Utah Wedding Photographer
Some of her favorite things that brides include in their wedding is sentimental pieces. She loves when your earrings were your grandma’s, the ring has a story behind it, or your mother made your veil. She loves when brides bring their heritage to the future with them. 
Utah Wedding Photographer
Check out Jacquie on Instagram and give her a follow! We promise you’ll love her!
Utah Wedding Photographer

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