Utah State Capitol | Markova Modest Wedding Dress

A beautiful photoshoot in a beautiful modest gown... yes please! But wait... it's at the Utah State Capitol?! Can't beat that. This shoot has us speechless. Everything about it is dreamy and fairytale-like. Let us take you through the swoon-worthy story of Julia and Marty.

 Utah State Capitol | Markova Modest Wedding Dress

Darling Emily White who owns and operates "The Pear Blossom" and provided the stunning flower arrangement for this enchanting Utah State Capitol photoshoot sent us an email. We were so excited because she even included the bride and groom's love story. I really can't say it better than she did so I'm going to show you exactly what she sent me. "They met at the state fair and parted ways at the time, but Marty just knew he had to pursue Julia so he took off a semester of his schooling and followed her to BYU. During fall semester they became inseparable and fell truly in love. With the help of family and friends, Marty proposed by surprising Julia with a romantic wintry picnic in the park. He dug a pathway out of the snow and lined the pathway with rose petals for her to follow. At the end of the path he had a candle lit table set up for her full of images from their dating adventures. The table also contained receipts he had kept from all their dates and activities, even going back as far as meeting for the first time at the state fair. Julia says he loves little details like that and she feels like the lucky one to have him."

Well my goodness. Is that true love or what? Come on now. MEANT TO BE. Anyways... our real bride Julia is a sweet and beautiful blonde with delicate features. Her hair and makeup were so fun for Julie Maughan aka "Blushing Blonde" because she is a gorgeous canvas in the first place. Seriously though... Julie did such an amazing job, and highlighted Julia's beautiful features wonderfully without masking them. With an elegant, classic, simple twist in her hair, Julia's beauty was certainly done justice. Emily captured her wedding colors in the most beautiful way in her bouquet. Slate blue, burgundy, and soft dusty pink made for a perfect arrangement. The whole thing was captured at the Utah State Capitol in absolute perfection by Ashley Hawkes of Hawkeye Photography, and I'm pretty positive it couldn't have turned out better.

We are so honored that one of our modest gowns was chosen for this. I mean... speechless. Nevertheless, we have to take this opportunity to tell you about the dress that was chosen... the Markova. This stunning modest gown features a flowy a-line skirt met by a beautiful lace bodice at the flattering beaded waistline. Basically a total princess gown. BEAUTIFUL. 

Okay okay, enough talk from me. Let's let the photos speak for themselves now.

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