Unique Times for Your Reception

Unique Reception Times

Traditionally, the reception is held in the evening of the wedding day. Over the years, brides have started to catch on to the fact that this custom makes for quite a long day! More often, we’re seeing brides elect to schedule their receptions differently. Here are some creative times to hold a wedding reception.Photo courtesy of Lindsay Black Photography.

Receptions the day before. Many brides choose to host their reception the day before! Though slightly unorthodox, this keeps the focus very temple centered the day of. After celebrating with friends and family the day before, you’re wedding day will run very smoothly and quite a bit less stressfully. Your wedding day can leisurely include your sealing followed by jetting off at your own pace for your honeymoon.Photo courtesy of Maria Grace Photography.

Reception luncheon. Another way to uniquely create your reception is to hold a simple luncheon after the ceremony. This method works especially well if you are choosing to have a smaller, more intimate gathering for your reception.  Without a receiving line, you’re able to experience not only good conversation with all of your guests, but you can also enjoy the meal! Everyone will be able to properly greet you. Following the luncheon in the afternoon, you’ll be free to kick off your honeymoon early, especially if you’re setting off for an exotic destination.Photo courtesy of Maria Grace Photography.

Reception brunch.  Timing for this reception works the very best for a destination wedding, but can really cater to any kind of intimate wedding gathering. You could host the reception brunch either the day of the wedding or the day after. As far as destination weddings go, this is a great way to see off your guests and provide them with a final meal before sending them home.Photo courtesy of Maria Grace Photography.

Receptions held later. Some brides have taken up the custom of holding the wedding in a slightly more remote location with strictly close family. The larger reception for their marriage is then held in a hometown setting several days or even weeks later. Some couples prefer the private ceremony and honeymoon, followed by the larger gathering once the stresses of the wedding have diminished.

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