The New Mrs: Steps to Changing Your Last Name

Changing your Last Name

Once the honeymoon is over, your gifts are unwrapped, and you've moved into your new home, you have the task of changing your last name. Where to begin? True, there are several visits to make at various government establishments, but the process is a bit simpler than you'd think. Here are some step-by-step guidelines to creating your new wedded persona. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Black Photography.

First of all, be sure you have a certified copy of your marriage certificate and marriage license. Some government branches recognize the temple marriage certificate, and others only accept the license. You may need to prepare for some small fees as you go through the whole process. As a caveat, rules can change and vary, so it's always best to call about what items you need to bring. It's better than needing to make the trip again!

Once you have those items, the best place start is the Social Security Office. To change your name, you'll need your old social security card and your marriage license. They may require up to two forms of ID as well, so arrive prepared. It's better to bring too many documents than too few! This trip should be quick and painless!

The next place to go is the Driver's License Division to receive a new driver's license. Bring a book and make sure you have plenty of time! The wait at the DMV could take an hour or more. You'll need to bring your social security card, preferably your new one. You'll also need your current driver's license, your birth certificate, and two proofs of address! Conveniently, you can also update your voter registration at the DMV. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Black Photography.

Congratulations, you've successfully accomplished the most crucial name changes! Here are a few others places you'll want to change your name:

Work: Notify your employer of your name change so they can update your payroll information.

Passports: You'll want to change your passport last name, but keep your current travel plans in mind! If you've booked your honeymoon out of the country under your maiden name, you'll need matching IDs in order to travel. Visit your local post office after your trip to change your last name, and go prepared with your trusty documents to verify. You can also notify the post office of your name change so that they can forward your mail to you correctly.

Financial Institutions: Plan on informing your bank and your lenders of your name change and ask if you need to send in anything official. Inform your utility providers and your insurers of the change as well, if you have them previously set up.

As a final note, it's a good idea to get a new temple recommend that officially has your new last name. That always made me feel very official when my husband and I would walk through those sacred doors.

After all of these hectic logistics, you can comfortably settle into your new life as a Mrs!

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