Taking the Cake!

 Cake trends are constantly evolving and becoming more of a statement about you as a couple. Here are a few lovely cake trends that have really caught our eye throughout the past year.

New Cake Trends

Metallic – The bridal world has seen a surge of metallic cakes in golds and muted silvers that reflect old Hollywood glam. This trend seemed to come about with the popularity of Great Gatsby and has endured through several variations of this wedding theme. Edible glitter has never been so prevalent!

Ruffled cakes – With 3D becoming all the rage, we are seeing ruffled and waved cakes taking a stand. In the name of whimsy, brides are choosing ruffles similar to skirts and rolling waves that really stand out on a cake.Photo courtesy of Lindsay Black Photography.

Hand painted elements – Adding special signatures to cakes are hand-painted elements. These cake images come from the inspiration of the bride and groom and speak volumes to their personalities, the wedding theme, and their love.

3D lace – Thank you Kate Middelton! Her choice of cake really caused this trend to kick off. Intricate stand out lace to match the wedding dress has become quite popular in cakes. Often painted in stand-out colors, this trend really makes a statement.

Ombre patterns – Ombre cakes that gently transition from one color to another are really taking center stage. This lovely trend can work for soft of bold colors and speaks to a number of wedding themes.

Naked cakes – Have you heard of this one? Some couples are skipping the fondant or finished frosting all together and let their cake go in the buff. After stacking the cake and layering filling between the layers, the cake is virtually finished. Dusted with powdered sugar and smothers with fresh fruit, these naked cakes still look good enough to eat.  Photo courtesy of Tia Chapman Photography.

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