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Is there a bad time to get married? Each season has a little something that makes it special, and with spring, that means you get to take advantage of nature coming back to life. Spring 2019 weddings are sure to be bright and fresh. Choose a theme that’s flirty and fun with a touch of whimsy thrown in.

Newest trends appearing for 2019 Weddings in the Spring | LatterDayBride

Wedding Party Attire

Spring 2019 weddings give you the chance to choose a tea-length wedding gown or one that’s light and airy. Either choice will bring charm into your big day. If you want to get married outside, consider doing it while wearing rain boots that match your color scheme. Even if the day is sunny, you’ll still look cute in your rubber boots. When it comes to the groom’s attire, he’ll look fashionable wearing something a bit lighter like a seersucker suit or a colored suit that's accessorized with a bright-colored bow tie. You’re sure to love how timeless this looks in your wedding photos. For the bridesmaids’ dresses, powder blue dresses or cheery yellow ones will be perfect with white and pink flowers.

Spring 2019 weddings let you wear fashionable attire

Photograph by Kimber with LatterDayBride's Josephine Dress

Decorate with Cherry Blossoms

Getting married in the spring means that you’ll have access to cherry blossoms. These lovely flowers look especially pretty when you use them for décor. Since they’re the perfect shade of pink, cherry blossoms are practically spring incarnate. To keep with the spring flower theme, design your centerpieces using them too!

2019 spring weddings mean cherry blossoms

Captivating and Romantic Décor

Hanging lanterns are also a great way to decorate your spring 2019 wedding. Lanterns will make your reception captivating and romantic. If you’re going with an outdoor wedding, hang a few chandeliers. The addition immediately adds style and glamour. For spring, mini arrangements are a nice touch. Subtle and elegant, mini flower arrangements will give this important day the right amount of elegance.

2019 Spring weddings require romantic decor

Instead of a Bouquet

Spring 2019 wedding trends include amusing touches like holding brightly colored lollipops instead of flowers. If this appeals to you, think contrasting hues such as cobalt blue bridesmaids’ dresses and bright yellow lollipops. Pink dresses and green lollipops are another way to go. You and your bridesmaids could hold parasols instead of flowers or a bouquet made from feathers.


2019 spring weddings include lollipops

Spring 2019 Are Bound to be Fabulous Affairs

Spring 2019 weddings are bound to be fabulous with trends like holding lollipops or parasols instead of bouquets and simple décor. When you choose spring as the season for your wedding, you’ll have the option of decorating with spring flowers. You can always have your reception at an outdoor venue. That way, spring’s greenery will be included in your wedding décor automatically. Spring 2019 is a great time to get married, so start planning!

2019 Spring weddings are lovely and glamorous

Photograph from Cassie Glazier Photography

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