Rustic Wedding Ideas

If you love the thought of having a relaxed wedding in the country, then a rustic theme may be the ideal one for you. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting married in a barn although that certainly is an option here in Utah. What it definitely means is that your wedding can be both casual and formal. It can be a lovely blend of leather, as in boots, and lace as well as farm-to-table cuisine and elegant floral arrangements. These rustic wedding ideas will help you plan your big day perfectly.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Creating Rustic Ambiance

The lighting that you choose for your wedding reception can give your venue a rustic feel. For instance, while candles are traditional and provide a romantic feel, oil lanterns will give it a rustic one. They flicker like candles but have that old timey look about them. Lanterns come in different colors so you can even tie them into the color scheme of your wedding.

Picture taken of LatterDay Bride's Sierra Dress 

Decorate with Nature

Rustic wedding ideas include decorating with natural elements. Nature is usually the best way to decorate a wedding regardless of theme, but it works particularly well with a rustic one. Use flowers and other types of greenery to decorate your reception. You can include wood benches, vases filled with branches or even a simple water feature to give your wedding that casual, rustic feel.

Farm-to-Table Dinner Menu

Think local when it comes to planning the dinner menu. When you do, the food is fresher and tastier. By keeping the menu seasonal, you may also be able to decrease the cost. Your guests are sure to enjoy sampling food that is seasonally inspired and available locally.

 Use Everyday Items

Rustic wedding ideas include bringing in everyday items. For instance, if you intend to serve dinner to your guests, do it on farm tables. Make them fancier with lace table runners or beautiful charger plates. You can also set them with high-end china. Form the centerpieces from things that are reminiscent of your time together as a couple. For instance, decorate with travel photos or reminders of how you met and became a couple.

Rustic Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

It’s important to choose a theme for your wedding. Doing so makes planning this major event easier. These rustic wedding ideas are just a peek into this diverse theme. You can definitely expand it to the color scheme and flowers. However, be sure to add in personal touches. These will make your big day that much bigger.

Picture provided from the Elanor and Anthony wedding

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