Practical Temple Tips

LDS Temple Tips

The temple is a beautiful, lovely place filled with peace and serenity. However, the first time receiving your endowments could prove to be a bit overwhelming. Here are some insiders’ tips for practical ways to get ready for your temple endowments.

Eat energy food beforehand: Don’t let nerves get the better of you! Your first endowment will take roughly 4 hours, so be sure you have a healthy, energizing, filling meal before you go in. The day will be quite long filled with an overload of information, so treat yourself right.

Plan for a good time of day: Select a time to go through the temple that isn’t too early or too late! Either way, you could end up drained and less alert than you’d like to be. If mid-morning is your best time for feeling energized, go with that! If you thrive in the afternoon, select a time then so that you can truly be at your best!

Better safe than sorry: When you go through the temple, you’ll come out with your new garments! In light of this, wear an outfit you can confidently say will cover them perfectly, meaning high necklines, substantial sleeves, and a skirt that comes past your knees. You’ll already feel a little out of your element at first, and wearing an outfit that you need to constantly pull up or down can add an extra layer of discomfort. Experiment with different clothes and different garment styles at another time. For that day, play it safe!

Listen and learn by the Spirit: As you’ve probably heard, yes the temple endowment is different, but it certainly is lovely, comforting, and peaceful. If you enter the house of the Lord with an open heart and an understanding mind, it will all feel quite familiar. The promises are beautiful, and the covenants are sacred. With the right mind-set, you’ll feel right at home.

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