Newly-Wed Holidays

Newly-Wed Holidays

You’re embarking on a new chapter of life, gearing up to celebrate all of the fun "firsts" of married life. First Christmas, first birthdays, and first holidays the whole year round! Of course, as we all know, when you marry your spouse, you also marry his family. His family traditions for holidays may not line up with yours. Suddenly you need to decide who you spend your holiday time with and how often. Here are a few tips for how to handle newly-wed holidays.Photo courtesy of Lindsey Black Photography.

Compromise: First of all, realize that you won’t always get your way. Don't worry; it's good practice for the rest of your marriage. *Wink* The traditions and family gatherings of your childhood now have to mesh with your husband’s. It can be a bit of a struggle to reconcile them at first, but if you set aside your stubborn streak, you'll find a way to blend them.

Communication: Take time to talk about your holiday expectations so that you and your husband can be on the same page. Perhaps you can trade off; spend Christmas with your parents one year and with your in-laws the next.  Perhaps you’d like to divide holiday time between both families, Christmas Eve with one set of parents and Christmas Day with the other. Regardless of what you decide, it’s useful to have a game plan. It’s also good to communicate with your families as well, so that they understand your plans. Avoid hurt feelings and unintentional offense by talking with your parents and in-laws.

Set aside time for you: Let’s face it, holiday time won’t be yours for many years to come, so set aside some special time for just the two of you. Take a separate vacation outside of the holidays to get away, just the two of you. If all of your time off is spent traveling between families, you’ll miss out on some of the fun of your first newly-wed year. Maintain a balance between all of the important elements of your family, including yourselves!Photo courtesy of Nhiya Kaye Photography.

In the midst of the stress, remember that it’s all good stress. Worrying about which barbecue or Thanksgiving feast to attend and which Christmas morning to enjoy just means you have more fun and merriment than one couple can handle! Embrace the love of your families and share yours with them to make the newly-wed holidays truly memorable.

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