Marine Wedding | 4th of July Feature | Alta + Ryan

Marine Wedding | 4th of July Feature | Alta + Ryan

Happy 4th of July! Well, almost...I don't know about you but Independence Day is my all-time favorite holiday. It always gets me thinking about those men and women who have sacrificed and served to earn and keep our freedom. So, I thought it only appropriate that we feature one of these brave soliders on the blog today. This Marine Wedding, shot by Ivory Lime Photography, came across my desk and I though, "Perfect!" 


Alta and Ryan were a match made in heaven, and their wedding day was nothing short of perfection. The day started with a beautiful ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple with an amazing temple exit...Ryan serves in the Marines and wore his full dress blues, and Alta was a dream in her amazing lace wedding dress among the gorgeous spring blossoms.


Their reception at The Barn in Kaysville Utah was a beautiful marriage of elegant meets rustic. Every last detail was planned and executed to perfection, and in the center of it all, a huge American flag hanging, honoring our country and those who serve it.


While the entire evening was amazing, the couple's exit stole the show.


Angela, the couple's photographer says,

"The bride and groom exited the reception at the end of the evening with a formal Marines Arch of Swords Wedding Ceremony.  Ryan’s fellow officers comprised an honor guard and formed the arch – as the bride and groom proceeded through the arch, they were detained by two opposite swords and required to kiss before passing through to the next set of swords. It was such a great salute to the newlywed couple and I was honored to be able to witness and capture such a memorable welcome into married life!"


Thank you, Ryan, and all you men and women, for your service to our country. Many of use will celebrate this Monday by attending parades, biting into a big juicy watermelon, and watching fireworks light up the night sky. Let us remember those who are far away from home, away from their families, serving so that we can enjoy these celebrations. And as we watch those beautiful fireworks, take a moment to send up a thought or a prayer of gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy.

Happy Independence Day! 

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