LDS Temple Dress | Simi Valley | California Wedding

We love it when something is sent to us that is different. Something a little outside the box. This beautiful lady is Chelsea, and she chose to wear her LDS temple dress for her Simi Valley bridals with Holly Castillo Photography. And we think that's pretty cool. We love the dreamy haze and autumn tones in these gorgeous bridals, and the handmade Eco Bouquet Chelsea order on Etsy is absolutely perfect for the setting AND the simple elegance of the temple dress. 

From the photographer: 

"Chelsea grew up in Kansas, and later attended BYU in Provo, Utah. While at BYU she met her now husband Zac, who grew up in Southern California. Chelsea was actually married in 2011, but due to time restraints she was never able to have bridal portraits taken. While visiting her husband's hometown and family in Simi Valley, CA, I was able to take her bridal portraits. Chelsea decided to wear her LDS temple dress instead of her wedding dress, which I thought was very special and made the whole session extra magical. During our session some dogs that a fellow hiker was walking even ran up to her, which made for some extra cute pictures!"

Isn't it fantastic that even though she wasn't able to get bridals done 6 years ago when she got married that she STILL thought it was important enough to do them at some point, if for no other reason than she she will have that memory. In 10, 15, 20, 50 years, she will be able to look back and say, "Yeah, that was me! I froze that moment in time and I'm so glad I did!" 


Area: Corriganville Park in Simi Valley, California
Bouquet: Etsy Handmade By Vendor 224Locust
Headband: Etsy Handmade By Vendor AbbyPlace
Hair and Makeup: Done by Bride!

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