How to Honeymoon on a Budget

Just because your budget is tight, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fabulous honeymoon. We know that this is an important life moment, but to save money, you’ll need to take your heart out of the decision-making process by looking for deals. This is how to honeymoon on a budget.

How to Honeymoon on a Budget

Consider Your Goals

To plan your honeymoon on a budget, you’ll first need to consider what your goals are for the trip as well as what is and isn’t important to you. For instance, if you have $1,000 for your honeymoon and pampering is what you want, then make reservations at a nearby spa resort. If getting away appeals to you more, then go on a glamping trip, one that includes gourmet snacks and your favorite foods.

Go Somewhere Off-Season

If you’re planning your honeymoon right after your wedding, then you have the time to choose to visit a place or take a cruise during its off-season time. When you travel off-season, you’ll be in for price breaks and fewer crowds. The shoulder-season, which is the time just before or after a place’s or cruise’s high season, is also an affordable time to travel.

Contact a Travel Agent

To decrease the stress of planning a honeymoon, contact a travel agent. An agent will present you with a list of travel options while saving you money on airfare, hotels and rental cars. They’re able to do this due to their high volume of business. They will know what’s on sale and give you tips about what to do while visiting each destination. If your heart is set on a cruise, then reach out to an agent who specializes in them. Make sure that your agent knows your priorities so he or she can plan your honeymoon accordingly.

Honeymoon Near Home

In most cases, shorter flights are cheaper than ones that are further away. This is the reason why those who live on the west coast tend to vacation in Mexico while people who live back east head to the Caribbean. You could save even more by honeymooning someplace close to home. If you live in Utah, Zion, Moab and Park City are all good nearby destinations.

Plan Ahead

The earlier you book, the more affordable your honeymoon is likely to be because when you book early, a hotel’s cheaper rooms are still available. It’s also more affordable to book a cruise well in advance of your travel dates.

Every Bit as Memorable

If you have to take your honeymoon on a budget, don’t worry about it. The trip will be every bit as memorable as if you spent thousands of dollars. Your honeymoon is a time to enjoy the company of one another and begin your lives together doing something relaxing and fun.

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