Featured Engagements: Candace & Tim

This lovely engagement shoot just took our breath away! What a lovely couple and an idyllic setting! They will be married in the fall! Congrats, you love birds!

Wedding Engagements

From the bride: We met during our senior year at Davis High School. We were in a jazz vocal group known as the Moonlight Singers. Toward the end of the semester, at one of our gigs, we got to talking. Once we started, we couldn’t stop! Neither of us had ever clicked with anyone like we did that day. We became instant best friends.  We dated for about 8 months until we both left to serve as missionaries on different sides of the world. We had always hoped we would pick up where we left off after our two year hiatus. When we were finally reunited, things weren’t the same as when we left. They were better!  It didn’t take long for us to realize we wanted to keep the other around forever. 

 Photography: Kailey Rae Photography

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