Customize the Wilcox

We've been showing a lot of this modest wedding dress - The Wilcox lately! If you missed our photographer's challenge featuring this dress check it out here.
This gown is a total steal at just $399 making it the perfect cheap modest wedding dress for you bargain bride! At that price it's so easy to have a seamstress make custom alterations to make this gown a truly unique wedding dress for you! To show you just what it's capable of we had one of our seamstresses make some changes to it, check it out! 
The wilcox modest wedding dress
One of our seamstresses changed the high neckline of the Wilcox to a v neck while still keeping the beading details. She also took off the sheer sleeves and left the unique beading pattern on the sleeves in tact. She continued to use the beading around the back of the dress. 
The wilcox cheap modest wedding dress
With such a great structure you're able to do a lot with this beautiful modest wedding dress? What would you choose to do with this gown? 

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