Due to COVID... | Three Tips for a COVID Wedding

Everybody's three favorite words these days. In the wedding world, these words have become especially painful to hear. As if the stresses of planning a wedding weren’t enough, we have now added mask-wearing, 6-feet and about 102 other rules and regulations in order to throw a wedding. While waiting for these rules to subside isn’t always a realistic option, we want to share our top three tips and tricks for making your wedding during COVID just a little bit more welcoming.



If you’re doing any sort of ceremony on your wedding day, take advantage of technology! Whether you use Zoom, Twitch or Facebook, streaming a ceremony is a great way to include people who might not feel comfortable attending in person. Don't worry if you are not super tech-savvy, there are plenty of articles and "how-to's" out there to get you all set up. A lot of live-streaming services also allow you to record during the livestream so you can go back and rewatch the special day. This way, everyone has a chance to witness and celebrate with the happy couple!



Zazzle, simple wedding favors hand sanitizer, zazzle.com

Clever wedding favors are a way to really embrace some of the recommendations that COVID has brought upon us. It could be something like mini hand sanitizers or fun masks based on the bride and groom’s personalities or the wedding colors. Giving these out at the beginning of the reception might be a good idea so they can be used throughout. Using wedding favors as a way to acknowledge COVID can help guests feel more comfortable attending and sticking around for the whole celebration.



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Having individually-packaged desserts is a good way to ensure that no germs are spread across the dessert table, which is more vital than it’s ever been. It could be as simple as putting cookies in cellophane bags or going with a less traditional dessert like pudding in separate glasses. 


Whatever you decide to do, just know that there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that COVID is something that affects us. Doing so can help others feel better about attending your event and can even be a way to just commemorate 2020 and what a crazy year it has been so far. 



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