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Written by Alyssa (Roundy) Phillips

In the last year, elopements have become a huge topic in the wedding world. With the set-backs that COVID has created, many brides have decided to elope to skip all of the rules and regulations that come with wedding planning. Since COVID started, we have loved seeing all of the creative ways that our brides are saying I DO! We were so inspired that we decided to follow along with Abbey and Cody's union as a guide for how to plan a dreamy wedding elopement. 

Happy groom spinning bride around as her dress billows behind her.



Pick a Location

Bride approaches groom who has his back turned to her.

The location of a wedding quite literally sets the scene for the evening. This is going to determine the overall feeling for the night. Getting married inside of an opera house is going to have a more romantic and formal feeling, while tying the knot. 

Find a peaceful and calming location. For some, this may be at the top of a mountain. Others may find peace in their parents' wide open backyard. The location doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Ask around and see if friends or acquaintances can help you out! Wherever you decide, just make sure it will be enjoyable for you and your significant other on the big day.

As you can see, Abbey and Cody chose the Bonneville Salt Flats just west of Salt Lake City. This big open space gave them privacy, serenity and a gorgeous backdrop.


Gather your People

A small crowd is seated as a bride and groom stand in front of a backdrop, being married by a man.

Decide who you want to have at your wedding. The nature of elopements typically consist of a smaller party, but the most important part is that you have everyone that you NEED there. Will your mom disown you if you get married without her? Invite your mom. Have a lifelong best friend that you've been planning your wedding with since you were 9 years old? Invite her! There are also no rules against you, your significant other and a photographer doing an intimate ceremony and tying the knot on your own. Who you have at your elopement should be tailored to you and your SO as a couple and it's going to look different for each person. 

With only a few rows of chairs, Abbey and Cody invited close friends and family to share their special day with. 


Important Activities

Bride and groom are cutting their cake.

Next, schedule the events and activities that you would like to participate in the day-of. You're gonna need a wedding dress - of course!! Are there parts of a traditional wedding that you'd like to incorporate into your day? If there's something about throwing a bunch of flowers to all your lovely ladies that you simply can't resist - add it to the itinerary. Do you want to dance the night away with those nearest and dearest? Go for it!

Abbey and Cody decided on a beautiful (and I'm sure, delicious) wedding cake to cut. They also did a fun balloon release with some wedding-color balloons!



Finishing Details

Close up of a smiling bride as she taps her grooms shoulder with one hand while she holds her bouquet in the other.

If there is anything else for you day that is a MUST, add it to the list! This day is all about you, so treat it that way! As you can see, Abbey and Cody decided to do florals and a backdrop for the ceremony, as well as hiring a photographer to capture their gorgeous elopement!


The great thing about elopements (and weddings in general) is that there are no right or wrong answers. This day - from start to finish - is all about you and your significant other. As long as the both of you are satisfied with what is planned and what details are (or aren't) a part of your big day, then you have planned your wedding correctly!

Check out the rest of Abbey and Cody's dreamy elopement below for ideas!

And as always, if you love Abbey's wedding dress as much as we do, book an appointment with us today!

Collage of bride and groom's photos
Bride and groom stand side-by-side smiling at the camera.
Collage of bride and groom's photos.


Dress: Brienne

Photographer: @ashlynfrenchphoto

Bride: @abbeyltaylor_

Florist: @sweetaftonfloral

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