Affordable Wedding Dress | Ronan Modest Gown

Okay guys, I'm so sorry this is coming in a night late but nevertheless, here's the blog I promised you! We love to talk about weddings. Wedding dresses, flowers, proposal stories, you name it! Our favorite thing though... we just LOVE our Real Brides! Ladies who send in their real stories and pictures of their real weddings in our dresses make our day. We have an awesome Real Bride story for you today, and one of the best parts? It features an affordable wedding dress!!!

Affordable Wedding Dress | Ronan Modest Gown

Okay. So do any of us really want to spend a fortune on our wedding dress? Sure, we want it to be beautiful, but if you can find something beautiful for a decent price, it's a no brainer. Buy an affordable wedding dress! We'll get back to that later, for now let's focus on the star of this feature... our Real Bride Tarah! I made an IG/FB post featuring one of our beautiful affordable wedding dresses, the Ronan, and this lovely girl replied and told me she was married in that exact gown! Well obviously I'm going to beg her for the pictures, right? Right. Anyways, she sent me such beautiful photos and her unique LatterDayBride story which we are loving.

Basically, it's a "Serendipity" type of tale. The Universe kept bringing these two lovebirds together. Tarah met her now husband, Matt, when he was working as a manager at Chuck E. Cheese. They started dating and totally fell in love. They both wanted to serve a mission so they went for it. Little did they know... they were going to end up in the MTC together! (Awkward, in Tarah's words. Hehe.) Anyways, Tarah served her mission in Calgary, Canada, while Matt served his in good old Salt Lake CIty, Utah. When they returned from their missions the stars aligned and they ended up back together. As Tarah said... "The rest is history!" They were married on February 24th, 2017 in the Payson, Utah Temple. 

We've got to talk about the dress. Our Ronan gown is beautiful, elegant, and hello... it's a super affordable wedding dress. Does it get better? It runs at only $350 bucks! It's a gown complete with ruching from top to bottom, flattering lines, and a corset back. Look stunning, but don't spend thousands of dollars. No brainer. You can even dress it up with a sparkly belt like Tarah did! Budget friendly and lovely. Once again, it's just a win from every angle.

There you have it! Truly a couple pulled together by their faith in Jesus Christ and well... fate! Hope you enjoyed the look into this return missionary couple and the bride's fabulous affordable wedding dress! See you next time!

Photography courtesy of Trekker Burt Photography

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