A Warmer Winter Wedding

Beautiful bare branches, swirling snow, a winter wonderland accompanied by... an icy, frigid wind! Buuuuur!! If you have a winter wedding coming up, here are a few suggestions for staying comfortable for those outdoor p-p-p-pictures.

Warmer winter weddings

Dress: As far as dressing for the occasion, try opting for a warmer gown with these tactics. Thicker fabrics can offer a buffer from icy winds. If it fits your style, try going with a gown in the heavier bridal fabrics, like satin, velvet or crepe. Long sleeves are all the rage this winter season, so selecting a long-sleeved gown will help stave off the cold. Even illusion lace sleeves will offer you more warmth than short sleeves.Photo courtesy of Nhiya Kaye Photography.

Accessories: Try finding a warm, white fur muff or cloak. Many bridal stores carry these fluffy accessories for winter brides and you might find that these extra items enhance your darling photographs.

On-hand warm up: For your photos right after the temple, you’re likely to get quite chilly. To keep your smile from freezing away, assign someone to keep a thermos of hot chocolate on-hand for you. A quick sip of revitalizing warmth could be just what you need to power through the photography.Photo courtesy of Nhiya Kaye Photography.

Time sensitivity: Your post-sealing photography can really be as long or as short as you want it to be. Create a list of the photos you consider to be a must. To save on time in the outdoors, consider taking some of your bridesmaid, groomsmen, and family photography at the reception center rather than out in the cold.

Photoshop: It would be wonderful if we all looked like rosy-cheeked girls with a look of vitality and life when bracing the cold, but alas, I don’t think many of us are. If you’re anything like me, you get a bright Rudolf nose along with runny nose and drippy eyes. Remember that along with a short photo session, you’re photographer can help to edit away those marks of cold in post-production.

Even in the dead of winter, the light of your love is ever burning to keep you warm!

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