5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

You turn around and the man of your dreams is on one knee with a rock, asking you to be his forever! Of course you say yes because this is the moment you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid! Now all of that Pinterest pinning, and late night talks with girlfriends about imaginary husbands are actually going to be brought to life! You start price shopping around for wedding venues and realize to rent one out for an entire day cost more than your left kidney. But then you come across an intimate outdoor wedding in a local park and think... You’ll just have to pay the entry fee and call to make sure they will allow a small reception! 





 Outdoor Wedding Tips

Now that you’ve picked a sweet spot, date, and time, you are ready to secure all other vendors! First, the dress, then the photographer, then your hair and makeup artist, and of course florals! After everything is set in stone, contracts are signed, styles are picked out, invites have been sent, YOU ARE READY TO BE A BRIDE! 


Oh shoot, 90% chance of rain on your wedding day?! WHAT WILL YOU DO?!



Even if you decide to do an outdoor wedding, there is nothing wrong with finding a cute little airbnb to rent out, and hold your guests in case it does rain, another option is to rent a tent (we love working with Diamond Event and Tent!), surprisingly enough this is done VERY often, some venues even have big, beautiful, white ones in storage just in case, or even finding a park that has an awning to be able to use! Maybe you’re adventurous, and have a small amount of guests coming and decide to capture the day AS IS… CLEAR UMBRELLAS, PEOPLE! They not only capture the atmosphere and add to the photos in general, but it’ll make you look back and remember the intimate, and the raw! How fun would be to play with your forever in the rain anyway?! 



Give yourself, and your guests something to remember the day! Forget the old wedding favors to hand out on your wedding day! But instead treat yourself and your guests to monogrammed towels, or blankets to dry them off or keep them warm while they enjoy your reception! Think about doing your wedding hashtag on an umbrella that they can use EVERY TIME it rains! They can remember your day over and over again! 


  1. SHOES! 

Heels, stilettos, or even canvased shoes are probably not the best, or comfiest shoes when wet, or playing in the rain! Think about either choosing to go barefoot, wear sandals, or MONOGRAMMED RAIN BOOTS, with your NEW last name! 



Oh girl, you better believe you should wear waterproof mascara! Not only will tears get in your lashes but sometimes when it rains, it pours… so definitely invest in some heavy duty waterproof mascara, and other setting sprays to make sure that makeup is sticking on you through hell or high water! Also, make sure to think about your hair do… are you a frizz chick in the humidity of rain, do you hate your natural curls when wet? Consider an updo, or even a hair do that is not so prone to frizz! BRING EXTRA HAIRSPRAY for after! 



It is okay to get mad, upset, or curse the weather, LET IT OUT, GIRL! BUT, don’t let it ruin you. BUT DO be emotionally and mentally prepared for things to go down differently than expected! Embrace the rain, and try to remain flexible through the day, you’ve got this! 


  1. Bonus Tip! BATHROOMS! 


Outdoor receptions are so fun, but all of your guests won’t be able to use that one hidden bathroom - and you don’t want tacky porta potties at your wedding reception do you? OF COURSE NOT! Check out our friends over at Simply Privys Portable Restrooms or at @simplyprivys on Instagram. Their beautiful restrooms are classy and clean, perfect for weddings! 


Marriage doesn’t go as expected, literally ever! Life throws us curve balls, just like the weather! So take this special day to remember WHY you are doing this… because you are in love, and this is just the first day to the start of forever! Embrace it, prepare for it, and get through it! 


Outdoor Wedding Tips

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